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Blue Waist Bag

Blue Waist Bag

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I'm Upcycled and Zero Waste Belt Bag


External material: Alcantara

Linen: Cotton


21 × 1 × 15 cm

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  • Zero Waste Belt Bags

    OMG, don’t they look funky and colorful?!

    A belt bag that is practical yet stylish? Um, yes, please. You can easily carry your keys, phone, and passport, and still you have space for candies! Now it has even small pocket inside.

    Very safe and comfortable when going around the town or traveling, since you can easily hide it under your sweaters or t-shirts.
    (In case you feel one candy is not enough, please check out our Bags or Backpacks)

    Our fanny packs are also easy to clean, you just need a wet cloth, it can stand a bike ride in the rain so that you can safely reach your favorite café.

    Bagabù fanny-packs/bum-bags are the results of our efforts to reduce our waste even further, as all materials used are from Bagabù production leftovers. Zero waste is our mission and vision!

Our products are made to last

Take good care of our products, and they will keep you company for a long time.

Not only this is great for you, but also for our planet.
Quality over quantity, baby!